The Metal Edge is an online radio station focusing on heavy metal and hard rock music within the Pittsburgh and tri-state area.

We are the first subsidiary of The River’s Edge Radio Network.

The River's Edge is currently Pittsburgh's only 24/7 local music radio station. We are proud to stand by our mission to provide local music and entertainment, and promote local culture through our network, talk programs and community outreach.  We are determined to highlight the incredible talent the Pittsburgh area has to showcase and make it accessible to you 24 hours a day.

The River's Edge and The Metal Edge are both based out of Mr. Smalls Theater in Millvale, PA.



Zach likes his riffs heavy, sauce spicy, and books lengthy. Former Stataion Manager at 91.9fm California, current writer for Metal Insider, and River Talk engineer. You can find him safely outside of the pit, usually near the sound booth away from the drunks and hardcore dancers.

Station Manager



Jonathan is a bassist in the Pittsburgh music scene, performing with Only Flesh, The Existential Gentlemen (on hiatus), and anyone else needing a bass player. Additionally, he's on the Millvale Music Festival committee and is a small-time sound engineer. At The Metal Edge, he keeps things sounding good, looking good, and functioning without a hiccup. Plays a lot of Rocket League. Critical of the production quality at local venues.

Production Manager