Pittsburgh, PA

Metalcore / Hardcore. New EP Karma available now on Bandcamp!

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Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Rock / Alternative Metal. 9 stitch method is a 2 piece alternative metal band. Formed in 2017 they have released several demos and have recently released their first full length album  "Life After You."

A Notion of Silence

Pittsburgh, PA

A Notion of Silence is an Alternative Progressive Metal band with members based in Pittsburgh and Nashville. It is the result of the songwriting ambition and storytelling instinct of Pittsburgh guitarist Austin Klinger being brought to life by the muscular musicianship of singer Jesse Brock, drummer Bowman Brock, and bassist Ben McAnelly. Jesse and Austin have been collaborating on music since they were college roommates at Belmont University, with Austin engineering and co-producing the album Hilasterion by the Brock brothers' band Lines in the Sky. After college, the pair parted ways with Austin relocating back to his home state of Pennsylvania, but when the beginnings of an intricate concept album began to form, it was only natural that they reconvened. Propelled by the manic, yet precise maelstrom of drums from Bowman Brock, anchored by the muscular bass of Ben McAnelly, bristling with layers of Austin Klinger's guitars ranging from atmospheric to feral, and tied together with Jesse's emotive singing, A Notion of Silence is proud to tell a science fiction tale of Gods, Life in the Universe, and Humanity's place among it all on their 2018 debut album, Dynamo.

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Abolishing The Ignominious

Pittsburgh, PA

Spawned from the depths of the Three Rivers and formed in 2016 with former members of Animals Killing People, Abolishing the Ignominious attempts to bring forth new levels of technical brutal death metal with influences from Immolation, Malignancy, Internal Suffering and Disgorge with their debut recording titled "Vociferous Obsolescence" on Coyote Records now available.

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After the Fall

Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Rock / Metal. After the Fall is a 4 piece, original hard rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally formed back in 2004, they've undergone several lineup changes over the years, and although met with success soon after their formation, it's their current incarnation that has the city of Pittsburgh, and cities throughout the country, abuzz. With Matt Ferrante on drums, Steve Craven on bass, Zac Sheppard on guitar, and Doug Carnahan on vocals/guitar, they've made a bang in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions. They've shared the stage with such national acts as Hurt, Sevendust, The Sin City Sinners, Corrosion of Conformity, Nonpoint, Primer 55, and more. They have played in cities across the country, turning heads and recruiting new fans as if they're lives depended on it.

Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Rock / Alternative.

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Bradford, PA



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Greensburg, PA

Aphotica is a Pagan metal band originating from Greensburg, PA. However, the band travels around the country with Renessiance fairs throughout the year, spending a lot of time in Arizona, and returning to the Pittsburgh area every Autumn. You can get Aphotica's music over at Bandcamp.

Arcane Haven

Pittsburgh, PA

Melodic Metalcore.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Post-Hardcore / Progressive Rock. Several founding members of Scene Stage The World have collaborated with the original drummer of What Great Fangs to bring to you an entirely new project known as Atlas Decay.

After facing a bit of an identity crisis in terms of sound and image, SSTW opted to embrace the heavier style that was brought on by the addition of the Fangs' former timekeeper and vocalist, Brian's, ability to seamlessly transition between singing and screaming. These four musicians have now been united long enough to write and record their best collection of material to date. They are bringing it to you under a new name with a clear and concise sense of direction.

Their music is available on Bandcamp, and be sure to give them a like on Facebook, and follow them Instagram (@atlasdecay), & Twitter (@Atlas_Decay) for more up to date information about what they're doing!

Pittsburgh, PA

Explosive rock band Big Atlantic harnesses the raw energy of a rock n roll show with modern music that radiates pure joy with deep roots in the rich, industrial Pittsburgh scene and heavily inspired by such powerhouse guitar-driven rock legends as The Foo Fighters, Rush, STP, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

The Breathing Process

Pittsburgh, PA

Symphonic / Black / Death Metal. The Breathing Process is a symphonic metal band formed in Connecticut in 2003. Released In Waking Divinity in 2008, Odyssey Undead in 2010. Samsara out now, official release August 31st 2018.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Always a band to effortlessly - and sometimes controversially - mash up rock, metal, glam, and punk, Chip DiMonick has been on fire supporting their bombastic fifth album, Uncaged.

Chronicles of June

Pittsburgh, PA

Alternative Metal. A few years ago two long time friends and occasional bandmates started recording some random tunes in a basement when "life" allowed it. This began to blossom and turn into so much more. 

Bobby came to Tron with some ideas that were to serve as the driving force behind the music and lyrical content. Chronicles of June had begun, joined by Webber, Scott & Braun the line-up was completed.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Instrumental / Progressive / Atmospheric / Stoner Doom Metal

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Conflict Cycle

Pittsburgh, PA

Heavy Metal.

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Pittsburgh, PA

A melodic twist of metalcore and power metal. New EP Soteria available on Bandcamp!

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Pittsburgh, pA

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Pittsburgh, PA

Dethlehem... a band of warriors on a quest to achieve maximum XP and deliver face-melting metal. When their home realm, Ghorusalem (Pittsburgh, PA), fell to an ancient evil, the group of heroes rose together to do battle under the cursed sky! Influenced by melodic metal, progressive rock, maidens in distress, epic solos, RPGs, delicious ale, and supple bosoms.

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Morgantown, WV

Disillusion Effect pushes a hard-hitting, relentless assault of metal mayhem into the ears and hearts of metalheads in the Mountain State and beyond.

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Wheeling, WV

Spreading black sonic magick all across the globe and beyond!!! Formed in the Appalachian darkness of the Ohio Valley on April 20, 2007. A Darker Place LP available now on Bandcamp!

Pittsburgh, PA

From Pirates to Vikings to Mutants & Zombies the evolution of evil surrounds us in many forms. Divine Tragedy is Thrash style Metal accompanied by melodic double guitar harmonies, underlying bass grooves & thundering drums to guide you on epic tales.

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Leechburg, PA

Pabst Fueled Rock n Roll.


Returning to the studio to record this December. Follow them on Facebook and ReverbNation for updates.

Belle Vernon, PA

Get out yer fancy hats, its metal from the year 1890!

Ethos EP available on Bandcamp.

East Liverpool, OH

Progressive Metalcore.The group was formed in 2012 as means to express themselves and what they believe in. With the intent to show people what they are made of while telling a story and relaying the message that goes along with it, Fallen Kingdom has finished recording their first EP, Resurrection and it is set for release in early 2018.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Formerly fast, now slow and cunty. We're all named Sven.

New album 714 available on Bandcamp. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Uniontown, PA

Metalcore/Rock. New single Dahlia available for free on Bandcamp!
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Pittsburgh, PA

Steel City Thrash. All American Trash.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Progressive Rock/Metal. Formed in late 2016 by 4 music technology majors at California University of Pennsylvania. Haven State’s lineup consists of vocalist Josie Banks, guitarist Cody House, bassist Brendan Mickoloff, and drummer Lucas Martucci. The band has played a decent amount of various shows throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas since their formation. Their debut EP, Status, is set to be released digitally on New Years Day 2018.

Upcoming shows: 1/11/18 @ Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh opening for The Letter Black, 1/15/17 @ Black Forge Coffee House in Pittsburgh, and 1/27/17 @ Marlene’s Corner Bar in Connellsville PA.

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Morgantown, WV

Hericide (meaning the killing of lords &/ or masters) founded in late 2011 started as a varied genre style infused metal band, that has evolved into a mélange of uncompromising overtly blackened, death thrash while still retaining a tinge of multi faceted elements from several metal subgenres. 

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Morgantown, WV

Stoner Rock / Doom Metal.

Debut album Stonebreaker available now on Bandcamp!

Pittsburgh, PA

A five-piece group from Pittsburgh fully formed in February 2015. Dedicating their sound on original music, the band’s ultimate goal is to write whatever moves them with no limitations of genre. The overall style is driven by the almighty riff and a heavy groove that is uncompromising.

Their reissued debut album is available now on Bandcamp! Be sure to also follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@HorehoundBand), and Instagram (Horehound420) for more.

Karl Franklin

Pittsburgh, PA

Instrumental / Solo Artist. Karl Franklin is an Pittsburgh based musician, composer, produce, recording artist and performer. Accomplished in a variety of styles creating explosive guitar driven instrumental rock music.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Klaymore is a four-piece heavy metal band hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From fast-paced and in your face to melody-driven and memorable (and hitting everywhere else in between), Klaymore is an all-guns-blazing, metal onslaught. It's Alive: 5th Anniversary is available now on Bandcamp!

Check them out on YouTube as well as their related gaming channel Halberd.

Pittsburgh, PA

From a metal age undreamed of, comes forth LEGENDRY: an epic heavy metal band from Pittsburgh, PA who carries on in the tradition of Manilla Road, Omen, and Cirith Ungol; with a nod to the 70s prog sounds of Wishbone Ash, Yes, and Jethro Tull.

Check them out on Facebook, their music is available on Bandcamp. New album "Dungeon Crawler" out now!

Pittsburgh, PA

Imagine if you would...Horror, Blood & Gore, SPLATTERED!!! With a heaping serving of The Mastery Of True Metal BRUTALITY all crammed into a meatgrinder and served with a smile. THIS IS LEPROSY!

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Makeshift Urn

Pittsburgh, PA

Heavy. Experimental. Sludge.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Doom Metal/Heavy Rock. New self-titled EP available on Bandcamp.

Pittsburgh, PA

Instrumental/Progressive. Nephele prides itself on keeping you, the listener, not knowing what's coming next by mixing and experimenting with sounds and environments from other genres and making it our own.

New single Leucothea now available on Bandcamp! Be sure to follow them on Facebook for more.

Pittsburgh, PA

Hard Rock / Metal.  NeverWake's music is a sinew of rock and metal which forms a pathway for dark guitar harmonies to unwind into shredding leads. Symphonic choruses and melodic vocals pull the listener into a haunting trance and awakens them with undeniable guttering of heavily distorted breakdowns. NeverWake consists of Johnny DiCarlo on lead vocals/lead guitar, Marcus Giannamore on drums/vocals, George Scott on bass guitar/vocals and Justin Sanford lead guitar/vocals.

You can find their music on most digital platforms. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter & Instagram @NeverWakeMusic for more up to date information!

Pittsburgh, PA

Metal / Rock. New single Haunted available now!

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Pittsburgh, PA

Oceans to Ash is an all-original Pittsburgh area metal band formed in December of 2016. By utilizing intricate rhythms and melodies, combined with crushing heavy riffs updated to a more refined style, they offer a wide variety of interesting sounds, resulting in an aggressive modern punch. Their unique sound pays homage to their musical influences while also introducing a new sound to today's music scene.

Check out their music on Bandcamp!

Washington, PA

Towering grooves and high-gain worship.

Remember A Waking Nightmare? Well sorry this is NOTHING like that...but it has some of the dudes from AWN. We got Rock and Roll Wonka, Pudgy Smokes and The Juggs. We make jams for your ear hold and keep your spine in line and smelling fine. PEACE AND CHICKEN GREASE!!!

Pittsburgh, PA / Columbus, OH

Join the cult of the musical abortion known as Only Flesh. A loud, heavy band... suspension team... side show troupe... grinder team... a diseased force of nature putting the sleaze back into music.