Interview: Haven States talks about their upcoming debut EP

January 5, 2018


Haven State is a newly formed group out in the California, PA area and they are going to be releasing their debut EP Status in the very near future (although I do not have a date). I hat send over a couple of questions to guitarist and band founder Cody House, and he got back to me with some responses from all the members regarding the release, their schooling, and how the band came together. Check that out, along wish their first single "Broken Life" below. We currently have it in Rotation as one of our Featured songs and will be adding more as they become available!


If you like what you hear and want to check them out live, Haven state will be performing next Thursday, January 11th at the Hard Rock Cafe alongside The Letter Black and Across the Dawn. Doors: 7:30, show: 8:00. Minors under 21 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian $10 - $12. Tickets are available online at Ticketfly.


Haven State is:

Josie Banks: Lead Vocals
Lucas Martucci: Drums
Brendan Mickoloff: Bass
Cody House: Guitar


I know that you (Cody) are a music major at CalU. Is anyone else in the band also a student there? How did your band come together? 


Cody: Yes all of the band members are music technology majors or were at one time.  I wrote 2 songs "Broken Life" and "Charade" on my own and then recruited Brendan Mickoloff on bass and him and I started putting the songs together. We then recruited Lucas Martucci on drums he was drumming for the Ska band Soulios at the time. After Soulios disbanded, we brought in our good friend Josie Banks to sing, at first the plan was for me to sing but we felt much more comfortable with Josie, she is 10 times the singer I could hope to be.  We have been a band for about a year now.


Tell me about recording. How did the knowledge you’ve gained there help with this process? Is there anything so far that it has not prepared you for?


Lucas & Cody: The band on our own did tracking.  Steve (Grzend ) from Hear Tonight (River's Edge Artist) is mixing the music and Jake Urbanek, also from Hear Tonight will Master it.  All of us are Music majors at CalU and have used the knowledge we’ve gained to bring you this EP. As far as not being prepared, we broke new ground with recording techniques like blending triggered drums with the real recorded drums. We went very in depth with vocal recording and layering, the vocals were recorded at SoundColor Productions in Carnegie with Jay Weaver, it was very time consuming and frustrating at times but we are very happy with how the recording came out.   


The first single is called "Broken Life." Who does the writing in the band? And can they explain this one a little more?


Josie: I was actually introduced to this song with that title. Cody had a few of the lyrics and melodies already written so I just wrote in the rest. The song is about the regret from taking your own life.


How do you consolidate instrumentation and lyric writing? Does one come before the other?


Josie: I usually have a bunch of lyrical ideas already written and not in any order. I’ll listen to the song and just piece it together, line by line.


Just judging from the single, the vocals and instrumentation is all very well captured. What do you like most about how the album came out sounding? 


Josie: The fact that this was made mostly on our own as a couple of students amazes me.  For being an amateur recording, I think the album sounds clear and great!  



Do you have a favorite track on the EP? Did any songs come together easier/harder than the others?


Brendan: My personal favorite song on the EP is “Dead Dog”.  That song was created by the whole band just jamming out one day and it turned into something great and it’s really fun to play. 



Were there any specific challenges to recording this album?


Lucas  I think our attention to detail trying to fix up the recordings was a timely challenge trying to release the EP on time.


To close this out do you have anything else you would like to say?


The (Stratus) EP drops in January.  Go like and follow us on social media for updates about the band and what we have going on.


Facebook :

Instagram:  @havenstate



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