The Cutting Edge, June 2018

June 1, 2018

And here I thought April went quick, May was a whirlwind of crazy. I'm still getting into the swing of things at my new job, and add the Millvale Music Festival, Rock on the Range, and a bunch of other great shows in the mix and this month flew by. We've got brand new releases from Cloud and Onyx Eye this past month, and a couple other cool new tracks added into rotation. Check them out below and be sure to tune in to support local heavy metal!


You can tune in to The Cutting Edge every day from 9am-10, 2pm-3, and 7pm-8 for one hour of the sharpest new metal tracks in the Pittsburgh metal scene.





Featured at the start of June 2018

A Notion of Silence - Crack the Shell
Cloud - Deus Ex Machina NEW!

Cloud - As the Dust Settles NEW!

Disillusion Effect - Attrition's Gift
Divine Tragedy - Hic Sunt Dracones NEW!
Dragline - Promise Nothing NEW!
Greywalker - Pity Capsule NEW!

Greywalker - The Wolf and I

Haven State - Dead Dog

Hill Giant - Stonebreaker

Hill Giant - Enslaved

Horehound - Sangreal

Legendry - Rogues in the House

Nullity - Haunted

Nephele - Leucothea
Onyx Eye - Needles(s) NEW!

Onyx Eye - Mirage NEW!

Post Mortal Possession - Ingesting Sewage

Raven's Law - Path I Chose

Reign of Z - Whispers in the Walls
Reign of Z - Pray for Her
Shrouded in Neglect - Polish the Silver
Shrouded in Neglect - FML
Transcendence - Never Back Down

Veiled - Portal
Veiled - Enshrouded


May Recap



We got the tease of the new release last month on 4/20 with Pt II: Ruin of Man, but now that we have the whole thing we can start toking on some of these dank riffs. The album rips, holds, but doesn't cough. So check out the newest release from Cloud, Deus Ex Machina. Available now on Bandcamp in digital or physical formats.





Onyx Eye


These guys started teasing that something was going on early in May, but little did I know a brand new EP was coming. Coffin Life shows this Pittsburgh metalcore group at their best in terms of both songwriting and production. Give it a listen over on Bandcamp or YouTube and let us know what you think, we've got "Mirage" and "Needles(s)" featured in this month's Cutting Edge.





You may have to wait until July 7th to get the full thing, but you can have an early taste with their music video for "Pity Capsule." Being the all-power Emissary of Pittsburgh Metal, I have access to the whole thing already and can assure you it'll be worth the wait. We've got this one in rotation already as a part of The Cutting Edge.







Divine Tragedy


Releases a recorded version of "Hic Sunt Dracones," a song they've been playing live for awhile now. The video is a bit silly and tongue in cheek, but totally encapsulates the spirit of the band, and the recording shows the band sounding their best yet. I would have asked for more, but there be dragons.










The steel city rock & rollers have delivered us another track, "Promise Nothing," and it is easily their most  polished recording to date. Check it out in this month's Cutting Edge playlist!






Hill Giant


If you missed the release of Hill Giant's debut album Stonebreaker last month, contributor Chris Rabideau wrote up a review of it. Give it a read, give it a listen, and be sure to let us and them know what you think! It's available now on Bandcamp.

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