Interview: Bloody Boasts and Kickass Crowdfunding w/ Brutalitus of Dethlehem

January 3, 2019

Huzzah! Quest Goal achieved!! Dethlehem has achieved their crowdfunding goal of $5,000 thanks to all the loyal warrior out there. So not only is Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon going to happen, but the band is currently preparing their stretch goals as their coffers continue to fill.


Read about their Kickstarter and how to contribute HERE 


Congratulations on the successful crowdfunding effort for your adventure.

Brutalitus: Many thanks! It’s because of warriors such as yourself that our lit beacons could be seen a vast distance! We’ve even completed some stretch goal sidequests already!

Your quest to take on the Emerald Dragon is bound to be fraught with peril, treacherous landscapes, and difficult monsters. What sort of monsters are you expecting to encounter along the way?

Well, the evil dark elf VELDRAS whom we are trying to defeat in this adventure is actually the real villain here. She bathed the land in BLOOD for her quest to end all life. The emerald dragon is there to keep the balance of the realms…..but since Veldras somehow managed to gain the help of the mind flayers, she seeks to now gain control of the dragon and use it to OBLITERATE US ALL! 

That being said, we also face off against mimics, gelatinous cubes, druids, wizards, and a war mammoth in this journey! There was even a moment where Bovice entered the land within mirrors to finally lay to rest a demon from the past… we had thought long dead!

While on the topic, you seem like a man who has tasted a fair bit of blood in your travels. What creature would you find has the most revitalizing properties?

I actually stick to the enchanted vegetable kingdom for sustenance! The beasts of the land are generally pretty fucking rad, so unless they are TAINTED BY AN EVIL SO DARK AND ABYSMAL that they would attack, I leave ‘em be!

And the ones I have to slay, well….. they are rotten to the core. Not even a starving kobold would want that as a feast!

Which wizard will you be bringing into the group to help you finish the mixing and mastering quests?

We’ve found a wizard known as “IAN OF THE HYPERBOLIC ECHO ROOM” to do our mixing and mastering. We’ve heard tales across the land of his work, and could not be in better hands!

I believe he is still casting a spell of “Far Site” or wait…..”Web Site” maybe it was? I dunno I don’t dabble much in magic…..but you can see for yourself at

You’ve completed the MAGFest Quest multiple times in the past, how has that adventure changed over the years? Has the difficulty scaled with your level?

Ahhhhh yes, the MAGicalFEST, where different beasts from all dimensions take a portal to the FORGOTTEN REALMS OF THE GAYLORD NATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER for the weekend and party! We are well equipped for this battle and cannot wait for it!

Over the years we have entered the colosseum of MAGFEST alongside URIZEN, THE PROTOMEN, and many others! Tis always an amazing time and definitely really cool to see what the other realms have to offer!

We are extremely glad to have received this quest again! Every time is more fun! It does scale with our XP so it really is the best repeatable quest around.

Can you tell us about any of the regional quests (local shows/events) in your questbook?

We have one quest in Ghorusalem on March 26th that we aren’t able to speak of yet. A necromancer swore he’d raise Yagolith from the dead if we told!

How many Grimshaw’s do you think you could take at once in hand-to-hand combat?

Well, Grimshaw is pretty good at CQC so I’d say probably around 200,000 or so….give or take.

After you defeat E.D., do you have any plans on how you will be spending all of your new loot?

All of the gold we get on our quests generally just goes into fixing our gear and getting ready for the next one! I mean, if we don’t save the realm then what good is gold anyhow!?! 




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