The Cutting Edge, January 2019

January 8, 2019

Happy New Year! 2018 was wild, sure I spent the last two months of it sick, but the whole year was sick in its own special way in part thanks to the support of all you fine listeners, readers, and shitposters. Either way, I'm better(ish) now and we're on our same old bullshit as before. New year, same us. Kind of. There is some new stuff coming from us this throughout the year, so be sure  With our first full year as a thing in the books, we're ready to dive into 2019 head first.


Yeah, I know this is going out a bit late, and even then I'm not including any January happening so far. They'll be included in next month's newsletter.


You can tune in to The Cutting Edge every day from 9am-10, 2pm-3, and 7pm-8 for one hour of the sharpest new metal tracks in the Pittsburgh metal scene. And things get dank around 4:20.


Featured Playlist January 2019

156/Silence - Undercover Scumbag

Alter the Design - Feathers

Alter the Design - Third Degree NEW!

Arcane Haven - Phoenix Down

Arcane Haven - Anchors Aweigh
The Breathing Process -Supervoid NEW!
The Breathing Process - The Traveler NEW!

Conflict Cycle - Dark Days Ahead

Conflict Cycle - Sentenced to Death
Dethlehem - Oathbound
Dethlehem - Final Voyage of the Goblinaut
Divine Tragedy - Hic Sunt Dracones
Dragline - Promise Nothing
Greywalker - Beyond the Glow

Greywalker - Dark Water

Horehound - L'appel du Vide

Horehound - Dier's Dirge

MaxXouT - Fumes
NeverWake - Are You In There?

Nullity - Tastes like Blood
Nullity - Unrecognizable

Oceans to Ash - Victim to the Algorithm

Oceans to Ash - Control Mechanism

Onyx Eye - Mirage

Post Mortal Possession  - Luciferian Embodiment

Post Mortal Possession - Necromantic Hallucinations
Reign of Z - Dysmorphia

Remission - Stagnant


December Recap


 Alter the Design

Alter the Design released their Undivided EP. It rocks, check it out. We had them in studio for an exclusive in-studio interview and acoustic performance.










The Breathing Process

In December we brought symphonic extreme metal band The Breathing Process into rotation w/ latest album Samsara. "Supervoid" and "The Traveler" featured in The Cutting Edge. Also see they performance from their recent show at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls.








The warriors of Dethlehem are crowdfunding their new album Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon. Read about it here or skip right to the Kickstarter and help fund it while it's still up for pre-order.







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