The Cutting Edge, March 2019

March 8, 2019

March is here, and the madness is catching up to me. Changes in management over at The River's Edge meant that we had to switch up accounts when our domain expired, and it took longer than we anticipated to switch it from GoDaddy to Wix. So sorry this is going out so late. This month is going to be wild though. I will be heading down to Raleigh on vacation, going to visit friends and we'll be catching the Experience Hendrix tour while down there. Dave Mustaine, Joe Satriani, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson and more all playing classic Jimi Hendrix tunes. And the following week I'm taking a work trip to Florida. May Satan bless my travels. Read about what else happened over February, including a new single from Reign of Z, a Greywalker music video, and welcoming Aphotica and Amavasya into rotation.


You can tune in to The Cutting Edge every day from 9am-10, 2pm-3, and 7pm-8 for one hour of the sharpest new metal tracks in the Pittsburgh metal scene. And things get dank around 4:20.


The Crucible Project

This month's local showcase from The Crucible Project features Conflict Cycle, Argus, Paradigm, and Viking Guitar. So come on out Saturday, March 23rd for a night of local heavy metal. Doors are at 7, show starts at 8. Tickets are $10 in advance, and available directly from all the bands, and $12 at the door. We were there for Klaymore, MaxXouT, and Homicide Black and we have our videos for that below!




Featured Playlist March 2019

156/Silence - Undercover Scumbag

9 Stitch Method - Black Sheep NEW!

Alter the Design - Feathers

Alter the Design - Third Degree
Amavasya - The Weight of A Heart NEW!

Aphotica - Seige NEW!
Aphotica - Balder's Fall NEW!

Arcane Haven - Anchors Aweigh
The Breathing Process -Supervoid
The Breathing Process - The Traveler
Chronicles of June - Afterglow
Chronicles of June -  Trespass

Conflict Cycle - Dark Days Ahead

Conflict Cycle - Sentenced to Death
Dematus - Breathing In NEW!
Divine Tragedy - Hic Sunt Dracones
Dragline - Promise Nothing
Greywalker - Gold Dust New!

Horehound - L'appel du Vide

Horehound - Dier's Dirge
NeverWake - Are You In There?

Nullity - Tastes like Blood

Oceans to Ash - Victim to the Algorithm

Oceans to Ash - Control Mechanism

Post Mortal Possession  - Virulent Encephelopathy NEW!
Reign of Z - Dysmorphia
Reign of Z - Reflections New!


February Recap



Pagan metal warriors Aphotica were brought into rotation. Their album The Arrival was just released in January. Songs "Balder's Fall" and "Seige" are featured in this month's Cutting Edge, with a few others in general rotation. The Arrival is available for purchase on bandcamp!


Reign of Z

New single "Reflections" just dropped on the 1st. First release from their upcoming Mirrors & Memoirs EP.


Haven State

New song "Finite" dropped at midnight on the 1st. We will have it added into rotation shortly, but until then you can check out the video on YouTube, and its available for purchase on Bandcamp. This single is being released as a standalone song, and is unlikely to be released as a part of an EP or LP.


"Breathing In" is the first song released of of Dematus's upcoming album Side Show, to be released later this year. We have it featured in this month's The Cutting Edge, so check out the video on YouTube.


Check out the band's newest video from their 2018 release Without Control. So we added "Gold Lust" into this month's Cutting Edge playlist.



We're bringing Erie Progressive Metalcore group Amavasya into rotation, including their two tracks "The Weight of a Heart" and "Guidance."



Klaymore & MaxXouT.

Performances from The Crucible Project's February showcase.

9 Stitch Method

New song "Black Sheep." Available now on Bandcamp, and featured in this month's Cutting Edge playlist!



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