Jon and Zach Resign from The Metal Edge

October 6, 2019

Well, this post has been a long time coming. In short, just as the title suggests, effective immediately Jonathan and I are going to be stepping aside from The Metal Edge and The River’s Edge to focus on other things. 


Earlier this year, there was a pretty major management shakeup at The River’s Edge, the showrunner and main creative force was forced to step down. While we agree that this was the right choice, the right choice also tends to have consequences, and this is a storm that we do not believe the organization can weather as the remaining owners have shown little to no interest in continuing to support the station, the Pittsburgh music scene, or the podcasting world in general. This is not to speak  ill on the majority of people to have come through and still work with the station as they are primarily have been caring and dedicated individuals. 


Around the same time that this was occurring, both Jon and I were presented with other life situations that forced us to take a step back from working within the Pittsburgh music scene. Now individually we may have been able to push forward despite personal issues, them falling in conjunction with the management issues have put us into a difficult position. While I cannot speak for Jon and his situation, as he may state later, I can relate my own experience. 


Back in January I had been promoted at my day job into a role that was going to take much more time and mental bandwidth than I originally anticipated. This has been an excellent professional opportunity for me, and appears to be the sign of a possible career. Travel out of state and overtime became regular occurrences. Ultimately, my day job became my main priority, and side projects got pushed to the side. Having a career in general became a priority, not something I had had any experience with prior and don’t exactly want to fuck up now that it’s starting to move. 


So now months have passed. The issues at The River’s Edge have only become more apparent with time, and now it appears as if our lives are to be going in different directions. This decision is mutual on part of Jon and myself, as unpleasant as it may be. We harbor no ill will towards each other, will definitely stay friends, and will likely be working together again in the future for other projects. What form those may take, I do not know and to be frank don’t care to discuss anytime soon. Personally I would like to ride through the end of the year and reassess with 2020. So right now I think I’m going to focus on my career, and just being a music fan again. It’s been awhile since I have been able to just be a fan. 


So to leave off on a positive note I want to thank everyone in the Pittsburgh music community that welcomed and supported us in our efforts. I hope to work with you all again sometime in the eventual future. 


Stay Metal, 

Zach !,,!



A note from Jonathan...


First off, thank you everybody for tuning in, enjoying, and supporting The Metal Edge. As Zach has stated, our life situations have greatly changed since we launched. If you look at the blog, you'll notice the post I made regarding our 4/20 programming.... and then you'll notice just one blog post after. At the same time, the show calendar started to disappear. For those who personally know me, my life experienced a shock at approximately the same time I stopped updating the website. There is no coincidence... I was unable to keep up with life and myself.


Since then, I have resigned from the Millvale Music Festival committee, and now, its time to step away from The Metal Edge. To keep things short... I have a lot of things that I need to figure out, and I am currently in no shape to take the reigns of anything.


Zach needs to focus on being a music fan again, and I need to focus on being a musician again.


Thank you again, everybody... we know you understand, and Zach and I hope to see you at a show soon.


Stay Metal!










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