The Cutting Edge, February 2018

January 31, 2018


Woah! We had a ton of new songs and bands come our way in January, including new music from Greywalker, Shrouded in Neglect and Reign of Z! We also got Atlas Decay and NeverWake added into rotation , with another couple more bands being added over the coming weeks. Be sure to tune in to The Cutting Edge, playing one hour of the sharpest new metal tracks in the Pittsburgh metal scene. every day from 9am-10, 2pm-3, and 7pm-8.





Featured at the start of February 2018:

Abolishing the Ignominous - Born into False Exaltation (add a 2nd)

Defy the Tide - Traced in Flames

Disillusion Effect - Delusion Fortress

Disillusion Effect - Attrition's Gift

Dragline - Rock N Roll Machine

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot - 714

Greywalker - The Wolf and I NEW!

Haven State - Broken Life

Klaymore - Matriarch

Klaymore - Temple of Dagon

Legendry - Dungeon Crawler

Legendry - Swords of Zeus

Makeshift Urn - Work Til You Die

Molasses Barge - Emerging Void
NeverWake - Suffocate

Nullity - Haunted NEW!

Nephele - Leucothea

Post Mortal Possession - Ingesting Sewage

Raven's Law - Path I Chose

Reign of Z - Whispers in the Walls NEW!
Reign of Z - Pray for Her NEW!

Shadow of Corvus - Night
Shrouded in Neglect - Polish the Silver NEW!
Shrouded in Neglect - Tools of Sin

Veiled - Luminous


January Recap




On the newest Scenes of Brutality compilation Greywalker included a finished version of The Wolf and I. You can hear it here, or on the compilation. They recently filmed a music at the Smiling Moose on the 26th, so keep an eye out for that as well.


OH SHIT, MELO-DEATH IS BAAAAAAAACK!  Check out the latest batch of the hot sauce collab between Greywalker and Allegheny City Farms. I loved it, and I'm not even a big fan of hot sauce.




Shrouded in Neglect

With their upcoming EP Kill All Humans set to release on February 16th, we've got a few new tracks added into rotation. 'Polish the Silver' was added as a feature, with one more unreleased track added into rotation as well. I'm not telling you what that one is though, you're just going to have to listen and find out for yourself! We will be debuting the EP in full a couple days before the official release, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!




Reign of Z

We added Reign of Z about half way through January with their very first recorded song "Whispers in the Walls." I have been loving it so far, so we also added their second track "Pray for Her" as a part of The Cutting Edge. They will be playing the No Love Lost show on February 17th at The Funhouse, we will be there to broadcast the event. Stay alert for the official announcement of that as well!


Photo Cred: First Angel Media



Late last year Nullity released their newest single "Haunted," and I think it shows the band really starting to come together as songwriters and the production quality is a big step up from their previous releases. Be sure to catch them opening for I Set My Friends on Fire and Kissing Candace on February 15th @ The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls.








They debuted a new song "Promise of Power" at their show with Omnislash on the 6th, and I think it shows a lot of potential. Their Halberd channel also released a metal cover of the Tostarena Ruins theme from  Super Mario Odyssey.











We just got the PA/OH hard rock band NeverWake added into rotation. They also have a new music video coming out later this month, keep an eye out for our interview with Johnny, Justin, and Marcus later next week!






​​Atlas Decay

Post-Hardcore / Progressive Rock. We just added these guys into rotation. Be sure to check out their 2016 EP Forgive Me, Mother Earth on Bandcamp. It's awesome. RIYL: Coheed & Cambria, The Fall of Troy, and being environmentally friendly










Haven State

We're still waiting for the release of their debut EP Stratus, but the band has been busy out playing shows in the area, including opening up for The Letter Black at the Hard Rock Cafe. We sent them over a few questions, and you can read that interview here. For a little extra fun, friend of the band and Pittsburgh musician Nick Linder also released a bass cover of "Broken Life."





Disillusion Effect

Still out supporting their 2017 album Achluophobic, check out the guitar & bass playthrough they did for "Attrition's Gift."



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