Announcing The Cutting Edge, and January 2018 Featured Songs

January 1, 2018

 Happy New Year everyone,


We here at The Metal Edge have been enjoying the holiday season and hope you have been as well. Moving into 2018 we decided to make our Featured song list public. This is something that we have been working with on the back end of streaming since launch since we would like to put a focus on newer music that is representative of what is going on in the scene at the moment.


Now we're looking to have a few blocks daily that will play only our Featured songs so that you can jump in an binge some of the hottest, new metal releases from our area. Tune in from 9-10AM, 2-3PM, and 7-8PM for The Cutting Edge, our new New Music hours.


Featured at the start of January 2018:

Abolishing the Ignominous - Born into False Exaltation

Defy the Tide - Primrose Path

Defy the Tide - Traced in Flames

Disillusion Effect - Delusion Fortress

Disillusion Effect - Parable of Black

Dragline - Rock N Roll Machine

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot - 714

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot - Milk of Amnesia

Haven State - Broken Life

Klaymore - Matriach

Klaymore - Temple of Dagon

Legendry - Dungeon Crawler

Legendry - Swords of Zeus

Makeshift Urn - Work Til You Die

Molasses Barge - Emerging Void

Molasses Barge - Bonds, Scars, Amends

Nephele - Leucothea

Post Mortal Possession - Ingesting Sewage

Raven's Law - Path I Chose

Raven's Law - Demons

Reign of Z - Whispers in the Walls NEW

Shadow of Corvus - Night

Shrouded in Neglect - Uncle Bobby

Shrouded in Neglect - Tools of Sin

Six Speed Kill - Barbarians

Veiled - Luminous


Coming up in January:


Reign of Z just sent us their first released song "Whispers in the Walls," and it's fantastic. We're going to be kicking off The Cutting Edge with it for the next few days.


Haven State has their EP Stratus coming out soon, and you can expect us to have a few new songs off that in rotation (and added on here) when they become available.



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